January 3, 2019

5 Must dos for a productive 2019

You know the old saying: "It's not about the destination, It's about the journey."

For starters, let's forget about the new year resolutions and pay attention to the process. When you set a solid system in place, you set yourself up for success. So without any further ado, these are our 5 Must dos to crash it in 2019.

Take care of yourself first

“You can't take care of people if you don't take care of yourself.”

This is what Health coach and Customer Support Jenny Dempsey said at her Zendesk Relate’s talk last month. when you're working it's easy to get sucked up in an unrealistic and crazy schedule. The result? Well, you will eventually burn out.

Bottom line, it doesn’t have to be crazy at work. Once you develop a solid process, everything is gonna be alright.

Ditch Idea hopping

It's easy to be tempted to execute amazing ideas we all have that but over ambition can be the true enemy of success.

It’s simple.

Many studies showed that working on one thing at a time is key to high productivity. When you work on many projects simultaneously you are distributing your resources poorly. There is no trophy for multitasking. In fact, Simon Sinek explained it perfectly in a tweet.

Acquire new skills

When was the last time you tried something for the first time? You probably are wondering why is this relevant to your productivity.

Well, the second you land a job, it's only natural to get comfortable and focus on the one thing you were hired to do. It is very hard to get out of your comfort zone.The reality is that there's always a better way to do anything.

Getting into the habit of learning new skills will help you feel good about yourself, more efficient at what you do and definitely more productive!We loved how comedian and writer Jani Eväkallio learned programming to automate his work with excel spreadsheets. (Yes he ended up becoming a programmer but not the point of the story ?)

Revisit some team-building activities

Achieving a high productivity lies in team building.

It's not surprising because such occasions allow you to know your teammates on a deeper level and bond with them. According to Simon Sinek, successful organizations have brothers and sisters.

In other words, empathetic teammates who share your vision and values. Empathetic teammates who will fight alongside you and empower you.

Abandon your need for perfection

There is always work to do. There is always a room for improvement.

Get everything done means pushing away the non critical tasks and brushing off your need for perfection.

Paul Jun from HelpScout highlighted the importance of finishing projects. Keeping an open mind to receive constructive feedback will ensure that you do your best work.

2019 is going to be your year.

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