February 19, 2019

A dream come true: Launching Veamly

Few months ago, I announced to the world that we were coming out of stealth and it was a big moment for me and for my team to share with the world what we are working on.

Today is a bigger moment, as we launch on product hunt and open it up to the community .

We have been working super hard around the clock for the past year and a half to make this dream come true. At Veamly, we are obsessed with productivity and communication. We realized that things are getting more and more chaotic at work. We ourselves are lost with jumping back and forth between different platforms we use, keeping up with all the conversations happening all over. We kept forgetting when we last saw something and wasted a lot of time searching all over for anything we ever needed. We quickly realized we weren't the only ones suffering from this. Every single person we talked to was simply struggling with the same thing.

This is truly the golden era of productivity tools yet ironically they are making us less productive.

We decided we needed to do something about it, to come up with a new solution to help us with our productivity , keep us focused and really less overwhelmed.

Our goal is to get people to truly have a better workflow , streamline communication and make data across their apps work better for them. We have a true dream of making people better communicate and get them to feel less overwhelmed with all that's happening across their apps daily.

We want to simply lower the cognitive load for people so they can be productive again.

Veamly becomes your apps hub and unique workstation where you can access all your apps (Jira, Slack, Intercom..etc) with one feed on top across all your conversations. This conversational task list allows you to quickly know what's going on everywhere in your workflow, send quick replies, and search for information everywhere.

We barely got started and we know we definitely don't have enough integrations and still have lots of things to improve. We are counting on you to help us, to test it out, give us feedback and together contribute to the productivity of tomorrow.

Because this is something we care a lot about , we wrote few posts to help people embrace a true state of balance and focus, I hope you like them!

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