July 27, 2017

Keeping up with AI Breakthroughs

Following up on our previous blog about cool AI experiments, we wanted to go into more serious things and talk about AI-powered gadgets. AI breakthrough models are a pure example of how fast we are advancing!

Breakthrough #1: AI figures out recipes out of food pictures.

MIT researchers have developed a model that reads the image of food and gives you the recipe. It has been trained on a dataset of 1 million pictures and 1 million recipes. Even if it’s not completely ready yet, the team released an online trial to test it out and feed it more data.

For more information: Original article.

Breakthrough #2: Wearable camera picks out the best childhood videos.

Benjamin Button is a camera that parents clip on their children to capture all their cute memorable moments. They don’t have to fear to miss out as they look for their phone or camera and only get it when the moment is long gone. Now they can record it all, choose what scenes they want to keep and share the clips whenever they want.

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Breakthrough #3: Poker computer Vs. humans: AI wins.

Liberatus has beaten 4 of the world’s best poker players. He maneuvered them all and won more than $1.7M in chips! Luckily they weren’t playing with real money. The model was able to bluff, deal with imperfect information, and interpret misleading leads to win the game!

For more information: Original article.

Breakthrough #4: AI can scan and identify human emotions.

AI can not only recognize faces, voices, and win at games, it can now understand emotions and act accordingly. It can recognize criminals, know if you’re struggling through video, and understand your mood through facial analysis.For more information: Original article.

Breakthrough #5: Microsoft AI understands human speech.

Microsoft is now developing a software that transcribes conversation better than humans. They are feeding it thousands of hours of sound to train it to better understand and write down the exchanged conversation. It is now at relatively low error level but they’re still working on making it 100% perfect!For more information: Original article.

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All these amazing applications of AI can't help but show how far we've come. We are advancing so fast that soon enough, everything will be as smart as humans. So should we anticipate and fear a future dominated by machines?