June 6, 2023

AI, AI, Everywhere - SF Tech Week Highlights

Well, it's been an exhilarating week at SF Tech week and it's officially over! With 200+ exciting events, thousands of attendees , industry pioneers, and visionary founders from all over the world. The SF Tech Week brought together the best and brightest minds to share insights, collaborate, and push the boundaries of technology. Let's recap some of the highlights that made this week truly unforgettable.

To start the week with a bang, the a16z Official Welcome Party featuring Ali Wong set the stage for an incredible week ahead. The event brought together tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and investors to celebrate innovation and network with like-minded individuals.

The a16z Official Welcome Party

Delightful breakfasts were also on point, especially the one hosted by Pear VC Talent Manager ,Matt Birnbaum, as he shared strategic hiring techniques. It was an excellent opportunity to learn from industry experts and gain valuable insights into building exceptional teams.

Pear VC Breakfast Session

Throughout the week, all eyes were on the Consumer x AI Founder Pitch Fest. This fast-paced session, hosted by Maven Ventures, AGI House, and a16z, showcased AI startups presenting their groundbreaking ideas to a captivated audience of over 150 attendees. With an expert judging panel comprising luminaries such as Sara Deshpande, Justine Moore, and Rocky Yu, the pitch fest highlighted the immense potential of AI in addressing consumer needs across various sectors.

Consumer x AI Founder Pitch Fest

AI remained a central theme as Esther Trapadoux and Amplitude hosted the highly anticipated "AI x Product Hackathon" to conclude the week on a high note. The hackathon served as a breeding ground for collaboration, idea exchange, and tackling exciting challenges throughout the weekend. The atmosphere was charged with creativity and innovation as participants pushed the boundaries of AI technology.

"AI x Product Hackathon"

The a16z Generative AI Prompting Party was another noteworthy event. Held in a SOMA art gallery, the party brought together artists like Nick Floats, drinks, and Midjourney prompting stations. It was an immersive experience that brought together the worlds of technology and art, sparking conversations and inspiring new ideas.

Another banger was the 'The Modern Product Management ' session held on day 3 of the event, hosted by the esteemed Shreyas Doshi and Maven, drew a full house. Over 400 founders and product leaders gathered to delve into the future and present of AI within product management. The session explored topics such as building influence within organizations and the intricate relationship between product sense and cognitive empathy. Safe to stay we all left the room with newfound insights and actionable strategies to enhance our product management skills. Thanks Shreyas!

The Modern Product Management Session

'Cultivating gratitude and abundance' took center stage in 5-Dee Studios presentation of Tao Technologies. Their talk, "Cultivating Gratitude and Abundance," shed light on the transformative power of gratitude in both personal and professional settings. This is something we swear by at Veamly, and we even made it a weekly habit for us to gather up and express our gratitude at the start of each week to always remember the the blessings we have.

Last but not least, let's not forget the unforgettable happy hours and rooftop parties that added an element of fun and relaxation to the busy week. These networking opportunities allowed attendees to unwind, connect with new contacts, and celebrate the spirit of innovation and collaboration.

SF Tech Week Rooftop Founder Mixe

SF Tech Week was a resounding success, bringing together a diverse and vibrant community of tech enthusiasts. From engaging panel discussions and inspiring talks to energetic pitch sessions and networking events, the week was filled with unforgettable moments and valuable takeaways. As the curtains close on this year's Tech Week, we look forward to the innovations and collaborations that will undoubtedly shape the future of technology.