July 12, 2017

Artificial Intelligence is the new trend. But, what's the hype all about?

Did you know that more data has been stored in the last 21 months than in the entire history of the world? There is no questioning that Artificial Intelligence has and is still taking the world by a storm. Everyone is venturing into this new technology hoping to be the next big thing. The world’s new unicorn. Furthermore, companies from all around the world are tapping into this phenomenon. But can we even blame them! No matter how much we think we know about Artificial Intelligence, it is advancing so fast that we might not be able to catch up!

Companies nowadays are aggressively developing new AI-powered gadgets, trying to get into the spotlight. From personal assistance to smart houses, to health care, to footwear. In fact, according to BootstrapLabs, VCs have invested over $14 billion in more than 2000 AI company in the past 6 years alone. More than half of those investments, however, happen at the seed stage. This shows how early on we still are in this rather new field. Big companies like Google, Apple, and Facebook, on the other hand, are excessively and aggressively acquiring startups. 200 Artificial Intelligence startups have been bought so far and more are being scouted for future purchases.

Actually, Artificial Intelligence is advancing much faster than we realize. Today, There are programs that can translate images into words or paragraphs to images. There are ones that can generate synthetic sounds, voices, and music, with no previous specifications. There are also programs that can interpret a scene and predict what is going to happen, based on a single photo.

But that’s not all! MIT's research team developed a program that can create a short video out of a picture, with no given context.

From learning a Nobel Prize experiment in an hour to beating the smartest human in the ancient Japanese board game Go, AI sure is advancing faster than we can ever fathom.