December 11, 2018

How to build a company culture That supports Diversity and Inclusion[Video]


[Khalida Ali] So the next example we want to highlight is Veamly and Veamly's CEO and founder is right up front. Veamly is a startup that's based here in San Francisco, but what's interesting is that they have a number of remote employees who are located globally and so to build culture and to foster like connectivity throughout their organization, what they're actually doing are leveraging tools such as slack and zoom but beyond meetings.

They start with like gratitude Monday and then they have meditation Wednesday and then they have something on Friday that brings everybody together. Why that's important is because it really is building connection, but like be on like the business sense. It's not like, hey, we all need to show up for this meeting. It's about how can we actually start to get to know one another, but we're leveraging technology to help us with that sense.

Since geographic considerations play into it. Um, the other piece that we want at some point out is that they're also very intentional about thinking about the employee journey and that is huge when employees start, there's already a roadmap that's in place in terms of showing them what growth promotion and advancement looks like within the organization. So seeing that they're having a very holistic view and perspective about an employee from day one is so critical that we wanted to highlight that.