July 25, 2017

Google AI Experiments: Some of the coolest apps out there!

Sometimes we only realize the value of something until we see it for ourselves. AI is taking the world by a storm, there is no arguing that. But even with the suspicions going around it, it is still one of the coolest inventions the world has come up with. We found these very entertaining Google AI experiments shared with the world in a collaboration with Google. We thought you’d enjoy them as much as we did. Some of them are open source for anyone to use, develop, and create even cooler things!

Google AI Experiment #1: Thing Translator

Ever been abroad, wanted to describe something but you didn’t really know its name? Yes, Google translate comes in handy in such situation. But what if the word escaped you even in your native language!

Well, Thing Translator is one way you can go at it. It combines two of Google’s machine learning APIs: Cloud computing and Google Translate. It takes the picture, matches it on the cloud, comes back with different labels of what it sees, and then translates it depending on the highest confidence level.

Google AI Experiment #2: Auto Draw:

Now imagine yourself playing a very competitive game of DrawSomething at work but the thing is that you’re not too “artistically-inclined”. The stakes are high and you definitely want to win! Autodraw is definitely the app for you. Using AI, it predicts and translates what you drew into carefully and neatly drawn icons. But you know what, you can even go beyond guessing competitions and design your own mini posters. You can check here!

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Google AI Experiment #3: Bird Sounds:

Whether you’re creating a short film and need bird soundtracks or you want to mess with your friends, having them think there’s a bird trapped in the kitchen, "Bird Sounds" is the app to check. It offers a very wide collection of individual bird sounds with the option to drag your mouse and create a jungle-like soundtrack. It is very convenient for curious people as well as bird lovers as it has an educational side to it where it gives you the name of the bird in question. In case you were wondering.

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Google AI Experiment #4: A.I. Duet:

Or maybe you’re more of a musician and want to experiment with piano chords because, even if you are, we have the app for you! Check out A.I. Duet where you can literally play random piano notes and have the computer put together a sequence that matches your own. You can either wait for it to play or you can play along simultaneously. Either way, it’s original, unique, and so much fun!

There are so many other experiments to explore and guess what, you can even submit your own work!