June 5, 2023

Our Thoughts on the Exciting Last Day of SF Tech Week 2023

As the curtains closed on another exhilarating week, SF Tech Week 2023 bid its farewell with a bang! The last day of the event was filled with engaging panels, captivating hackathons, and lively networking events. Let's dive into the highlights of this action-packed day.

To kickstart the final day of SF Tech Week, Dasha Kroshkina, Natalia Fedulova, Charles Wong, andArjita Sethi hosted an insightful discussion focused on fundraising for immigrant founders. A topic that triggered interesting debats and questions as many can relate to espcially in San Francisco.

Fundraising For Immigrant Founders

Next, Emily Yuan, COO at Picnic organized yet another succesfful panet on AI alongside with Christopher Kauffman, Charu Sharma, Asif Qamar and Khahini Shah. It seems we can never get enough from learning about the endless opportunities of artificial interlligence! 

Frontiers of GenAI

Still on the topic of AI, Esther Trapadoux and Amplitude hosted the highly anticipated "AI x Product Hackathon" The hackathon served as a platform for coders and designers to collaborate, exchange ideas, and work on exciting challenges throughout the weekend. The atmosphere was really electric with the buzz of creativity and innovation as everyone was pushing the boundaries of AI technology.

AI x Product Hackathon

Amidst the intense hacking sessions, of course there was always room to mix and mingle at various happy hour events. One espcially exciting gathering was the "AI Computer Vision Happy Hour," hosted by Jessica Rumbelow, the Founder of Leap Labs. This event offered a chance for like-minded individuals to unwind, exchange insights, and forge new connections.

AI Computer Vision Happy Hou

Meanwhile, the excitement continued as "Generative AI Demo Day" took center stage. Hosted by a16z and at Founders, Inc, where it provided a platform for founders to pitch their startups to a panel of distinguished investors. The esteemed panel comprised Andrew Chan, Tim Draper, Mike Maples Jr., and Rebecca Lynn. Each founder presented their vision and unique value proposition, hoping to secure the much-needed support to propel their ventures forward.

Generative AI Demo Day

As the day progressed, the energy only intensified with multiple happy hours and parties. Everyone celebrated the successful conclusion of SF Tech Week, embracing the opportunity to reflect on the knowledge gained, connections made, and memories forged. The vibrant atmosphere resonated with the spirit of innovation and collaboration that defines the tech community.

SF Tech Week 2023 proved to be yet another milestone event, where visionaries, entrepreneurs, and tech enthusiasts gathered to share their expertise, showcase groundbreaking ideas, and shape the future of technology.