May 18, 2017

Become a Guru Product Manager following these 3 simple tips

We often hear people talking about how amazing it is to be a product manager. What it’s like to be in charge of everything product-related and how fulfilling it is. But rare are the people who tell you their “secret recipe”. But it’s okay, we did some research and come up with these three tips to help you become a better Product manager!

We are not offering you THE tips to get you from a rookie to a rocket. We are simply sharing with you, from our experience, the tweaks that will help you optimize your usual practices.

Also, we are fully aware that success depends on what type of person you are, how you're using your resources, and how hardworking you are. We also realize that, no matter what it is you're doing, it can always be taken to the next level.

These are some of our favorite practices that helped us UP our game. We hope they'll do the same for you!

Be on top of everything!

You need to always know better. Know more than what your team knows. For example, if your team knows you have some competitors, you know that you have 4 direct competitors with a potential 5th one. If your team knows you have some problems with your customers, you know that you have 30% satisfaction rate on one feature and so you work more on it. You need to be somewhat of a superhero!As a PM, it is critical that you have a deeper and more specific overview of what is happening inside and outside of your company. That way, you can better adjust accordingly.

The team is the heart of your company.

Without a solid team, the company might fall apart. As dramatic as it sounds, PMs still fail to see the importance of. it feeds the whole company’s body Keep the right momentum going. Think about it like an actual body. If the heart is beating too fast, it will burn out the body and shut down fast. If it’s beating too slow, the body’s energy goes down and ends up withering facing all the external pressure and responsibilities. It is the same case with the team.  

Communicate, communicate, COMMUNICATE!

As obvious as it sounds, we just can’t emphasize enough the importance of communication. A good PM is someone who has clear goals. A better PM is someone who efficiently communicates his clear goals. The PM life can be a very chaotic sea of unstructured data sometimes. Every single decision, task, information can be the pivoting event for the whole company. That’s why inter-team communication needs to be dealt with carefully and diligently. It is one of the company’s pillars and could literally mean success or failure.

Getting better at PM-ing does not require some sort of black magic or superhuman powers. But also, it’s not “a walk in the park”. It is about knowing what your problems are and solving them from the core. In order to help you out figure out what is wrong, we decided to start a series of questions to dive deeply into the issues PMs face today. Our favorite question is WHY?The first WHY we’re answering is: Why do PMs fail at PM-ing?To know more, check out our 4 part series!