February 17, 2021

We started a podcast to navigate COVID 19

Yup. But, that's only part of the story.

We started working on this way before remote work was mainstream. Then COVID 19 happened.

Our CEO Emna Ghariani has been interviewing the best tech enthusiasts, software engineers and leaders in the valley on topics like productivity, engineering, and leadership, etc.

In a recent Linkedin post, she said:

"This world crisis has pushed businesses to radically change the way they work overnight, with no prior warning. More than ever, effective collaboration has become a requirement and not a luxury. Having ran remote first companies for years, I've witnessed most people thinking it is simply a matter of the technology getting there. It's beyond the tools and the apps in place. It’s all about process and company culture on top of technology."

We take you behind the curtain to find more about their stories, their daily routines and so much more.

This first season, in particular, is special, to say the least. We dispel the myth that we don't have enough women in engineering. Case in point, we've been honored to have awesome women like Lara Hogan, Rukmini Reddy, and Christina Lucey, just to name a few.

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Last but not least, don't forget to check out the season 1 trailer for our upcoming Productivity podcast :)