November 6, 2017

Product Management: The best way to become a product manager

If you think that this article will enlighten you and tell you how to become a great PM, you’re on the wrong page. BUT, if you’re here to understand what makes a great PM for you to apply to your very own style and grow into an amazing PM, then you’re definitely in the right place. Being a product manager is one of the most challenging jobs because there are no rules to apply or guidebook to read. It’s about practice, intuition, and teamwork. You can start from any point in your career, from whatever industry, as long as you’re passionate about product management.


Practice is not about succeeding but rather it is all about how many times you fail at something. Anyone can learn how to be a product manager but only those who practice it enough times can become great at it. After all, practice makes perfect! Practice creates habit. Once you develop a habit of doing certain things, they become part of you. You learn all the ins and outs of certain tasks which is how you develop “expertise”. An expertise leads to a strong intuition.


Your intuition is your best friend when it comes to product management. If something doesn’t feel right then there is no point in doing it. Sometimes, you’ll be faced with sudden situations requiring fast and crucial decisions. This is where your intuition comes in. It will help you “call the right shots at the right time”. You can learn how to define your problem and dig deeper into what pain needs to be solved. But intuition is the one that will help you say “Yes, this is what how we need to solve it. This is how they’ll fall in love with what’ we’re offering them.” And that kind of confidence is what will ensure your team’s trust in you.


Team, team, team. It’s all about the team. You can be the greatest PM there is, but if you don’t have the right team, then all your superpowers are nullified. Now, you might not be able to choose your team, but you can definitely turn any group of people into the just-right group of people. Using some emotional intelligence, charisma, and loads of motivation can definitely bring out the best out of your team members.

Anyone can break into product management, as long as they have the passion and the will to go the extra mile.