June 2, 2023

Recap of SF Tech Week Day 3: A Thrilling Thursday of Tech Delights

Things are moving again at the tech hub, San Fransisco, and this Thursday marked an exhilarating day at SF Tech Week, filled with captivating events, enlightening workshops, and exciting pitch sessions. From the B2B Founders Breakfast Roundtable to the rooftop parties, it was a day packed with insightful conversations, demonstrations of cutting-edge technology, and meaningful connections.

The morning kicked off with the B2B Founders Breakfast Roundtable, hosted by Upfront VC and Expa. Everyone was treated to a delectable spread while engaging in thought-provoking discussions on the challenges and opportunities faced by B2B founders. The lively exchange of ideas set the tone for an eventful day ahead.

B2B Founders Breakfast Roundtable

Next on the agenda was the Generative AI Demo Day, presented by a16z and This session really showed the extraordinary power of AI and the vast array of opportunities and solutions it offers. We've witnessed live demonstrations of AI-driven applications, revealing the potential for transforming industries and improving lives. From automated decision-making to creative generation, the possibilities seemed boundless. As firm believers in AI and the amazing solutions it offers, this was such a treat for us.

The afternoon featured yet another two insightful workshops centered around AI, sustainability, diversity, and designing the next generation of upskilling with Gen AI. In these workshops, discussions delved into the potential impact of AI on many different domains. Everyone participated in stimulating conversations, exploring the ethical considerations, the role of diversity in AI development, and how to foster sustainable practices within the field. The discussions has definitely ignited a sense of urgency and responsibility for us and Veamly to shape the future of AI in a positive and inclusive manner.

Simultaneously, the Modern Product Management session, hosted by the esteemed Shreyas Doshi and Maven, drew a full house. Over 400 founders and product leaders gathered to delve into the future and present of AI within product management. The session explored topics such as building influence within organizations and the intricate relationship between product sense and cognitive empathy. Safe to stay we all left the room with newfound insights and actionable strategies to enhance our product management skills. Thanks Shreyas!


Modern Product Management Session

However, the highlight of the day was undoubtedly the Consumer x AI Founder Pitch Fest. In just 30 minutes, ten consumer AI startups took the stage to pitch their groundbreaking ideas to a crowd of over 150 attendees. Hosted by Maven Ventures, AGI House, and a16z, this fast-paced session featured an expert judging panel consisting of industry luminaries Sara Deshpande, Justine Moore, and Rocky Yu. The startups showcased their innovative solutions, leveraging AI to address consumer needs across various sectors. The pitch fest really created an electric atmosphere, leaving us all inspired by the transformative potential of AI-driven consumer technologies.

Consumer x AI Founder Pitch

By the end of the day it was time for parties, especially rooftop ones, providing a perfect setting to unwind and forge connections with like-minded individuals. These networking sessions embodied the essence of SF Tech Week, fostering collaboration and sparking new ideas amidst a backdrop of breathtaking city views.

SF Tech Week Rooftop Founder Mixe