October 25, 2018

How we won the most engaged company on social media at SaaStock

We are super excited to share that we won the Most Engaged Company on Social Media prize by Voxbone at SaaStock this year.

How you might ask? As you might already know, it is all about content ?

So how did we make it happen? how did we distribute content that allowed us to truly engage? This is what I’m about to share with you.

Here at Veamly we are big fans of organic so we spend a tremendous effort every day to get better at it.

First and foremost, let’s establish the logistics needed to do this:

  • People: We needed two of them; one on site to capture raw content, and another one at the office to use the content captured live and post it at the right times. This person was also monitoring all conference related content online and engaging with it weeks prior.
  • Platforms: We posted across LinkedIn , Facebook, Instagram but mostly Twitter as we determined that was the main platform people would be engaging with. We also determined the official hashtags that people will be using.
  • Skills: Some basic designing and video editing skills.

Getting started

We did a diagnosis of all of the opportunities for us to generate content around the conference. Then, we started tweeting 2 weeks prior to the kickoff date. At this point, the only other people tweeting were the SaaStock team. So anyone who would look up information about the conference would find us right there.

The distribution war

Now that we were prepared, we started alternating between content curation, posting our own content and engaging with participants, organizers and speakers at the conference.


There’s so much you can do on twitter.

But, the secret sauce is engaging with other people, either by connecting to their emotions through personalized memes and gifs, replying and retweeting their content with relevant quality content or curating their content and tagging them on it. I had people stopping me and saying “OMG, you are Veamly, I loved your memes!”.

It allowed us to be in the top 10 active influencers at the conference.

The loveliest part is when other companies genuinely support you like Document360.

This is definitely the channel we leveraged the most and we have done it all. This is why we wrote a whole blog post about it; How to get the most engagement on Twitter at conferences.


Instagram in the SaaS world is truly about sharing people’s moments. So while we didn’t share a lot, we leveraged content about team moments and great people we met or special moments at the conference.

Lots of people think because you don’t have a lot of followers, it isn’t an important channel to leverage but for us it was an opportunity to activate this channel on one hand with our soft launch and on the other hand it gave us presence and people engaged with us. Even with the silliest ideas our team can come up with ?


LinkedIn is truly about people profiles, not company profiles.

I used my profile to promote Veamly by either re-sharing content or posting my own. The trick here though was to only post “momentum” content like being semifinalist at the startup competition or meeting top influencers and of course the winning moment ?.

The awesome thing about this is that content keeps getting engagement for several days and not only people at the conference engage with it but also it is great for my network to re-engage with us whether it is prospects or investors!



It was definitely the channel we used the least. However, our thinking was: we have content, might as well share it there and let it organically drive traffic. And guess what? It did :) It is still organically driving new followers and engagement.

The biggest learning for us in all this is that with one piece of content, you can still take it across channels as you are touching different audiences. And even if sometimes, you find the same people on multiple channels, there’s a true power in the “repeat”. The same effect you have from paid ads but even better as it is organic.

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