October 30, 2018

A Look Back at SaaStock Hall of Fame: Women are crushing it in SaaS

A couple of weeks ago, the SaaS world witnessed SaaStock 2018.SaaStock is a global saas conference that brings over 3,000 Founders, VCs and Execs. The whole week was a blast to say the least. Today we are looking back at the SaaStock Hall of Fame. One thing to notice that isn't really common in this industry is that women founders went home with all the prizes!

The rockstars of the pitch competition

SaaStock hosted for the first time a pitch competition as a part of their new startup program. It was an opportunity to discover the latest trend in SaaS and its promising future.

If you are tired of spending bucks on expensive SaaS software that you barely use anymore, look no further than Cledara. This European startup  founded by the incredible solo founder Cristina Vila snatched the grand prize at SaaStock, a great momentum for them as they had just launched their product at the conference.

VIBBIO, founded by the awesome Marianne Bratt Ricketts, went home with the second place prize.

VIBBIO is a video creation platform for businesses. It offers a fully integrated video project workflow for marketing and communication teams.

The Queen of social media

When it comes to the most engaged company on social media prize offerer by Voxbone, It is no other than our very own Veamly led by our CEO Emna Ghariani that went home with it. We were really happy with it especially that we put in place a solid twitter strategy.It is the first time we see such a female founder dominance in the SaaS world. And if that shows something, it's that with the right attitude and a positive environment, women can rise in tech, an industry normally dominated by men.

SaaStock fulfilled its promise by embracing diversity either by setting up interesting discussing panels or encouraging innovation across all the spectrum of entrepreneurship  across the world.