March 5, 2019

How we hacked SaaStr Annual 2019 with no booth or big money

It has been a month since SaaStr 2019 and we wanted to share with you how we amplified our brand with a tiny budget.

This wasn't our first time pulling off what seemed like a mission impossible.

But with SaaStr, the stakes were high.

When you have a group of amazing growth hackers you would be able to turn things around. The more restrictions you have the better chances you have to innovate.

This is the story of how we pulled it off both online and offline.

Show me the shirts

I know what you are thinking: Really? How can a t-shirt make all the difference at a conference?

We started the experiment in an attempt to answer the following question: How to start a conversation with a stranger?

The answer is simple. You need a trigger. And that trigger is a special t-shirt.

Instead of t-shirts with a standard logo and a tagline, we decided to design conversational starters. We wanted to poke strangers' curiosity.

Let's try it out: Did you know that coffee affects your productivity? Come say hi and I will tell you why :)


After a lot of back and forth, these are the final results.

Veamly Instaframe

What's the point of wearing cool t-shirts if you can't show them, right? What's the point of attending an amazing event like SaaStr if you can't save the memorable moments.

Let's be honest. One doesn't have all the time of the world to upload every picture on Instagram.

So, we brought instagram to life, no kidding. There was no way for people not to stop you, ask you questions and understand what's going on.

And here's the biggie, this hack turned out to be so successful that many people thought we had a booth ( We didn't ;) ).

What's even better is how the offline marketing drove a natural online distribution.

Meditation GO!

Thousands of attendees and 300 speakers over three days...

There is no doubt SaaStr was going to be an intense experience. Sessions, meetings, networking events... Exhaustion, sleep deprivation and stress were simply expected. At Veamly, we take self care very seriously, it is one of the main drivers of our company and product, helping people stay productive and clear minded.

So we asked ourselves how can we help the SaaStr community balance the craze of this week long conference. Answer: A cool unique meditation experience?????.

We used an awesome platform, Augmania, to make it happen.

Augmania helps you create engaging webAR marketing campaigns. No coding skills or mobile apps needed.

Just open the campaign link in your browser and enjoy a unique immersive 3 min meditation experience.

Share a productivity card with your friends at SaaStr

The more genuine we were in trying to help people be efficient, the more love we got. In that spirit, we always keep on brainstorming new content to help people be more productive.

At Veamly, we love awesome quotes, that inspire us and keep on pushing us forward. We thought about creating something similar focused on the best productivity tips from top successful people. Each time you click here, you get few seconds of inspiration ?

We launched this on day 3 of the conference.

Making the most of our zero dollars marketing strategy

Organic marketing is the hardest thing and very few marketers know the true hang of it. One of our goals was to leverage SaaStr to build awesome content and we did.

At a conference like SaaStr, you know that "everyone" will be there. We made sure to target some people and went above and beyond to get great on camera exclusive content.

Stay tuned for the soon release of awesome interviews with top industry leaders. It will be worth the wait ? .

Consistent live content

People would run into our team and be like "you guys are so active on twitter, how do you do it??" Well, everyone tries to leverage live content at an event as it is the best type of content but it is also a full time job.  The secret behind doing it all is simple: team work.

Our team on site would capture the maximum of awesome moments, session highlights as well as behind the scenes moments and push them to our cloud. Our content team would then build a pipeline of engaging posts.

It exponentially increased our reach and maximized the amount of quality content we could push!

A+ conference homework

We don't joke around when it comes to efficiency and productivity and we drink our own juice. Before the conference, we had daily meetings preparing content, targeting people we wanted to meet and setting up meetings. Our goal that every min at the event was leveraged, planned for and maximized.

The result was back to back meetings setup for our CEO while our POM made sure to talk to every single person that came across her on the floor. Together, they had 187 conversations (YES, we counted as we are metrics obsessed people :D). Needless to say, lots of water was needed ?

This hard work paid off so well that by end of day 1, people knew who we were before we even talked to them and started stopping us instead (mind you we hadn't publicly launched our product yet at that time).

Hack Retweets

If there is something we know how to leverage it's twitter. We previously highlighted all the twitter hacks we relied on. Retweeting good content is a great way to get reach and visibility.

The challenge here was although retweets give you authority in the space, they don't maximize your reach.

Our marketing team dug deeper and found an interesting fact. If you comment a retweet you reset the reach. In other words, if someone retweets your commented retweet, you rip all the benefits.

We hope these hacks were helpful! If you liked this post, make sure to subscribe to our blog and we will get you the top posts! And if you wanna find a better way to work and have a clear mind try us for free.