September 23, 2021

Why You should attend SaaStr Annual 2021

The last time we were at SaaStr, the world was a different era prior to the pandemic. After two years in lockdown, we are now coming back to life per say. 

At Veamly,  we're super excited to be attending events again. We can’t wait to meet you. If this is your first time going to SaaStr or still hesitant, we compiled a list of 5 things that will get you excited.


  1. Finally outdoors

As people, We often take things for granted. We are living in an era where most of what we have was considered sci-fi a few decades ago.  The pandemic definitely has given us a reality check. Being in lockdown for the past year and half is the true testimonial that we are social creatures.

After a flood of digital events, it’s exciting to finally be part of an outdoor event like SaaStr(We are socially distant and wearing masks). Our team is heading there naturally. Come say hi :)


  1. Amazing speakers

SaaStr over the years has always brought amazing speakers for you to learn from regardless of your background or company stage/market. There is something for everyone. Whether you wanna learn more about taking care of your team, productivity in the workplace or the art of scaling your product just to name a few.

  1. Brain dates

Awesome content is good, but networking with people is even better considering what the world has gone through. Don’t miss the brain date sessions, you get into small groups and discuss things that matter to you. In fact, our CEO Emna Ghariani  is hosting a braindate on employee wellbeing in a hybrid workspace.

Make sure to download the brain date app to get started.

  1. The exhibition

When you are not attending a session or joining  a brain date, checking out the booths is a must. It will be your opportunity to go through personalized experiences and know more about the awesome companies at the conference.

  1. It’s still the biggest saas conference in the world

Over the past year and half, a lot of things have changed, but some things don’t. SaaStr is still the biggest SaaS conference in the world. If you are attending SaaStr this year, we are super excited to meet you. Let’s  make it count!