October 18, 2018

The one lesson startups should learn from Drift When kicking off marketing

A lot of startups wanna kick off marketing early but they get stuck in the process of doing too many things without actually achieving tangible results.

Last month at SaaStock, Our CEO Emna ghariani picked the brain of Dave Gerhard, VP of marketing at Drift on the topic and we ran away with pretty interesting insights.

Just get started

Dave emphasized on the importance of getting started.

Many want to start but they feel discouraged. They want to build an audience but they are not willing to work hard for it. Creating valuable content and a loyal audience won't happen overnight. It takes time. Yet, it will grow steadily.

Dave recalled that when they started they had few readers. Consistency has helped them build the massive audience we know today.

In the end, he said : "You gotta start somewhere"

What about targeting?

Many startups postpone marketing until they see a glimpse of their product because they are unable to target the right audience until then.

Dave debunked the  myth.

Contrary to the common belief, targeting is not important for a startup during its early days. The goal is to put yourself out there and start the conversation. This may vary from an industry to another.

He mentioned that when drift started all they knew was they wanted to sell to marketers. Of course they dug deeper later. The point is : it's not important in the beginning.

You can watch the full interview below



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