October 25, 2018

How to get the most engagement on Twitter at conferences - The SaaStock use case

Using twitter and getting engagement seems obvious to some people by tagging the right profiles, using the right hashtags, posting at peak times…etc.

It isn’t however that easy to get true engagement. We are going to tell you here the story of how we organically leveraged Twitter at Saastock 2018 and got a 300% growth in impressions and 200% increase in profile visits. It greatly contributed to us winning the most engaged company on social media at the conference.

Curating content

The easiest way then to get started is to curate content and distribute it. So we started looking at the best tweets and posts and distributing them with the right hashtags.

Creating our own content

In our post about How we won the most engaged company on social media at SaaStock, we discussed the logistics you need to get true engagement on social media and one of them was basic video editing skills.Here some of the content we created in that sense:

1. A quick sneak peak announcing our participation in 11 seconds

2. Our live 2 min video with Dave Gerhardt

Dave is a top influencer and VP of Marketing at Drift was a big highlight! The most beautiful part about it is that it was true raw spontaneous live content yet with super awesome value!

Watch video here.

3. Leveraging our existing content

We love creating super valuable content on our blog and we have been doing it for a while. The conference gave us a great opportunity to re-distribute it while providing great value to people.

Our team was also fully engaged and those who didn't make it make sure to be involved by being raw and sharing content virtually participating and engaging people.

4. Leveraging influencers and other people’s followers

If you find yourself full of awesome people and even better when they have a great following, make sure to capture that moment and leverage their network.

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