August 10, 2021

Your digital wellbeing matters

2020 was a douzie.

Building a startup is hard if you don’t have a strong Why.

At Veamly, we make it our mission  to break the unhealthy relationship with work, so everyone can. be present at home with their loved ones with no regrets. And we believe that Veamly is the future of enterprise collaboration.

However, 2020 proved that we don’t prioritize our digital wellbeing. We barely take time to check in with ourselves let alone asking the one burning question: How are you doing at work

Why we built a new product

As the pandemic hit, we started noticing all the telltale signs that we predicted 3 years ago: The rise of remote work along with its pitfalls: growing pains, distractions and collaboration inefficiencies especially for engineering teams. 

Thus, as we have been embracing the hybrid work model for a few years now, we wanted to find a way to educate and raise awareness on the importance of digital wellbeing for people who have been struggling recently with maintaining their work-life balance.

That’s why we built Veamly Lite!

Veamly lite is a full wellbeing assessment based on your computing behaviours and how you collaborate at work.

By matching patterns while collecting relevant metrics, our proprietary algorithm unlocks for you actionable insights and recommendations to start investing in your wellbeing journey.

You can learn more about Veamly lite and get started with your digital wellbeing journey!