Digital Wellbeing in the world of hybrid work

Today’s builders need an efficient way to stay productive, happy, and most importantly in the right headspace to continuously deliver high-quality work.


What’s digital wellbeing?

Digital wellbeing is the state of being comfortable, healthy, and happy with intentional use of your screen time both at work and at home.

Drop in productivity signals burnout

To compensate for their drop in productivity, engineers work longer hours. It’s not uncommon for engineering teams to work on weekends, not knowing they are using a bandaid for a bigger problem and eventually leading to an unpleasant outcome: Burnout.

Less distractions, More work efficiency

Developers get stuck on a daily basis. This only leaves them with little time for advancing on tasks all while being mindful of their wellness.


Working around the clock is not the standard of hybrid work as it gives no room for mental clarity or energy boost.

Search time

30% of your work day is wasted searching for information all over the place.

Mental health

Constant distractions affect your overall performance, and your mental health will be suffering as the consequence.

A new way to embrace digital wellbeing

To attain true digital wellbeing, you need access to quality information and involve your team with you to enhance the way you collaborate together all while taking care of yourselves.

FlowFinitee is the Solution

By helping you centralize communication through efficient workflows and extensive reports on priorities, FlowFinitee will give you some buffer time to focus on your digital wellbeing, set personal goals, and achieve them.

Efficient workflows for interoperability

Exchange data between different systems on the go with no unnecessary duplication.

Powerful insights and recommendations

Monitor how you spend your time inside your collaboration apps and get personalized powerful insights.

Prioritization engine for all conversations

Act only on important conversations that add value and kill the fake sense of urgency.